Services Offered

Providing commendable services at an affordable and competitive price is one of our key strengths. Here are few of the services offered:

Electrical and Mechanical infrastructure O&M services
  • Electrical switchyard substation, Transformers, HT/LT power and control panels, protection systems such as starters, relays, circuit breakers, motors, AC drives, pumping installation systems
  • DG set, AMF panel, synchronization panel, HVAC systems such as chillers, AHUs
  • Building Management Systems (BMS), CCTV and access control systems
  • Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant, Sewage Treatment plants, Pumps etc.
  • Elevators, Fire hydrant/alarm systems , public address system
  • UPS, Battery bank, Projector screen, Cafeteria equipment etc.
  • Kitchen waste based LPG plant
Value added services - Review & Analysis
  • Assisting clients in establishing the best operating and maintenance practices as recommended by OEMs
  • Providing strategic ideas for ensuring the enhancement of asset life cycle
  • Advising on yearly routine and preventive maintenance schedule covering daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual activities
  • Periodical reviewing of the maintenance activity, reporting, generating alerts on scenarios leading to equipment breakdowns
  • Providing qualitative analysis on the occurrence of faults and advising rectification measures.
  • Assisting clients in providing strategic inputs on inventory management
  • Providing value addition in energy conservation management and utility cost optimization.
  • Plant condition monitoring by reviewing operational data, studying system efficiency, reporting of abnormalities and suggesting measures for rectification.
  • Reconditioning of earth pits as per statutory requirements
  • Assisting in planning and coordinating with the concerned equipment vendors for the shutdown activity, systems rehabilitation and up gradation etc.
Strategic Assistance to Clients
  • Evaluation and replacement of equipment retrofit of existing equipment
  • Streamlining of electrical load distribution for optimum utilization of assets thereby improving system efficiency
Other Major Services
  • Performing site surveys and developing proactive and predictive maintenance strategies
  • AMC and CAMC coordination, periodic checks and facilitating renewals for clients
  • Assisting clients in statutory inspection, performing rectification measures for the identified defects and in obtaining safety certificate for the assets.
  • Providing walk through Energy Audits, detailed study, identifying areas for energy conservation, fine tuning measures, structuring proposals for inefficient equipment replacement.
  • Offering miscellaneous services such as civil works and carpentry.



When being down just minutes can mean being out millions, you need someone to depend upon. Techno Associates means a whole new definition of reliability when it comes to power, operations and employee productivity. To Techno Associates, facility performance is not merely a concept. It’s a measurable attribute that’s delivered 24 hours a day


One of the ways we assure performance is with our enterprise-wide alarm and event management system. It makes your facilities’ critical information immediately available, visible and actionable. Whether the information goes directly to your network operations center or to our operations center, you’ll always know the status of your assets.


With reliability centered maintenance, we offer technically advanced environmental system operations & maintenance solutions. We consult on planning, maintenance optimization to ensure the most critical environments. We also develop proactive & predictive maintenance strategies to reduce failures.

Our Strengths



Experienced key management resources with knowledge of FMS for several decades is one of the biggest strengths. Due to this strong factor, We have established an enviable and strong credibility factor with all customers.

A scheduled service solution from Techno Associates offers you a planned and a repeatable service approach that can help you gain greater control over your facility, optimize equipment, create system efficiency and provide a fixed budget, all at a lower cost than you are probably spending now. At the heart of a scheduled service solution is the planned service agreement. These are structured to cover the cost of repairs and scheduled maintenance, but can also be structured to encompass repair materials that can lower your capital budget.



Uniqueness in approaching customer centric issues, offering tailor made cost effective solutions and ensuring accomplishment of tasks.

You are provided with a fixed budget for maintenance and repairs, depending on how your agreement is structured. Your plan will include regularly scheduled service visits from our Engineering management team that ensure your equipment is at peak operating condition which can result in extended equipment life. Your staff is freed up from routine inspections for other tasks. Better pricing versus a responsive relationship and Priority service in emergency situations is our motto.



Providing commendable services at an affordable and competitive price. We understand the importance of finance playing a vital role for making crucial decision for infrastructure.

Protect your investment in mechanical systems and equipment while minimizing your overall cost of ownership through a service partnership with Techno Associates. Our trained, skilled system experts utilize the latest in predictive and preventive technologies to ensure optimal system performance and reduce operational costs. With our access to system information, as well as the use of the latest technology and systems expertise, we'll deliver the results you expect.



We are focused on environmental awareness and understand its importance in day to day life. This awareness has become a part of our organizational policy and is being applied in non certified facilities for saving natural resources such as energy, water, pollution control, waste management, safety awareness etc.

Ensuring statutory compliance to the satisfaction of clients is our utmost priority. In association with Wipro, secured ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 certification. Resources are trained to focus on energy and water conservation, pollution control waste management, safety awareness etc.



We are certified by various organizations and we have listed some of them here:

  • In association with Wipro, secured ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001certification. Resources are trained to focus on energy and water conservation, pollution control waste management, safety awareness etc.
  • Government of Karnataka approved SuperGrade Electrical Contractor License:Authorized for carrying out Electrical installations works and for coordination with the Chief Electrical Inspectorate to the Government for securing safety certificates for client electrical installations, annual inspection, performing rectification of defects etc.
  • Accredited Energy Auditors/Energy Managers, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India. Conducts energy audits and decisive role in energy conservation management for our esteemed clients
  • ISO 9000:2001under process of renewal

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